How To Choose Health Plans

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How to choose health plans

Health Insurance is not just a simple classified sector of policy. It also has some divisions too. When you enter a health policy it doesn’t mean that you have owned the whole health plan. You just chose a part of health plan. When you try to choose the best health plan for you must know the variations of health plans and try to know that which one is eligible for you to choose.

There are few types of health plans such as

  • Individual
  • Family floater
  • Critical illness
  • Senior citizen
  • Maternity

Now let me explain how you choose the perfect one from you and which facts make that policy plan make that best.


Just like the name, individual health plans are agreement between an individual and insurance company that gives that individual commitment to help him/her in medical illness. The premium money is given back to the policyholders when he needs and with the bonus money he becomes helpful by covering up other costs during his medical problem situations.

How to choose health plans

The main facilities of an individual policy is

  • Any family member can be included in this current policy.
  • The holder has freedom to use all the assured sum in his need
  • You can get all the facilities that are committed when policy is made


It’s a kind of a combo of few individual plans from the same family. Didn’t get it? Well, unlike the common individuals it acts like an umbrella for all the family members. You don’t need to buy separate plans for each members. This plan covers up the whole family health facilities. This saves a lot of money. You don’t have to buy or invest more money to get separate plans for your each and every member.

How to choose health plans

Some exceptional terms are current in this plan. Such as,

  • As the health expenses are increasing day by day, you have the opportunity to make your sum assured big. Even if you don’t claim anything from the previous year, you will get the opportunity to earn NCB
  • When a new member is born, the insurer gives you the chance to take him under the policy

How to choose health plans Choose your health Plan Wisely.


Not only physical and mental, critical illness also takes away your income or financial ability. That’s why, some policy providers provide a type of insurance called critical illness policy. Before making this policy the insurer diagnoses your body and the illness you mentioned. When you are certified for your illness, you have to pay premium amount and buy the policy under the government rules and circumstances. As the ratio of fatality and diseases are increasing day by day this policy term also is giving you some more facilities than before. Before buying this policy you have to make sure that these facilities are available.

How to choose health plans

  • Containing maximum period of renewability.
  • Premium amount with reasonable number.


In common, people above 60 years are known as senior citizen. As they are pretty much old, their illness and the cost of illness are unexpected. That is why people make a policy to rescue themselves from the unexpected burden of medical costs. Senior citizen are helped by this policy plan because when you get old, it is not sure that you will earn to live or your family’s next generation will be worth enough to bear the total uncertain cost of your health matters. But before you buy you have to know these points about this policy

  • A medical certificate from any affiliated clinics of insurer needed when a person tries to buy this plan.
  • The insurer will pay some limited percentage of your premium sum as for your hospital fees, room rent and other sectors.
  • A great advantage is available here which other policy plans won’t give and that is Pre-Existing conditions.


Welcoming a new baby to this world is not like soft nut that you can crack easily. Financial conditions also matters in this situation.  Regular checkups, pathology tests etc have lots of expenses. So maternity policy helps you not to break your savings to bear these charges. Before you buy you have to make sure these terms are available in your policy

How to choose health plans

  • The costs which will be covered by the policy-
  • Childbirth complications (if needed)
  • Ambulance fee
  • Consultation fee
  • Pathology fee
  • Cabin fee of hospital
  • Few of insurers also pays some amount for the cost of new born baby’s maintenance for the first year
  • Some vaccinations processes and post delivery fitness terms of mother and new born baby are also included in the plan.

How to choose health plans

So, now we have discussed about all the types of health insurance policies. And we also had discussion on what those plans contain. Now it will be easy for you to choose the perfect policy for you or your family. And also you will be able to choose the perfect insurer for you.

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