Who Needs Health Insurance

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Who Needs Health Insurance

Health insurance is generally an insurance policy which is a process where insured people get a great advantage on their treatment during their sickness, injury or in uncertain accident or mishap. We don’t know what will happen to us in the future. Uncertain casualty and sudden excess expenditure become heavy burden for most of the people in middle class. In that cases, health insurance is the best way to make you stress less when you are in need of heavy medical expenses. Besides, in old age, people suffer much in various diseases. Because of their age, they loses their immunity power. They need regular medical checkups and treatments. Even they become unable to work and earn money. So, health insurance is like a friend for them. Company can health you for curing diseases, injury or illness.

Health insurance companies have a safety-net care from hospitals and clinics to access better treatments for insured people. Uninsured people get less medical treatment and less timely care. It is really not possible to afford the sudden large expenses of medical treatment. Health Insurance provides us with the ability to afford better healthcare facilities for ourselves and our loved ones.

The most common question on people’s mind who needs a health insurance and who don’t. Well everybody needs a health insurance. Today we are going to describe on who needs a health insurance and why they need one. Let’s get a look on it.

Who Needs Health Insurance

Cost Before Hospitalization

Usually when you will feel that something is wrong in your physique, you must go to a doctor to find out what happened. You need to pay the doctor’s fee when you have an appointment with them in their private chamber. Following the responsibility as a doctor he/she will give you medical test to identify the problem you are facing. In many countries like India, Bangladesh, government always can’t afford the diagnosis expenses. We need to go to a private farm where we can take a medical check-up. But some time the diagnosis bill become unaffordable for us. In that situation you can rely on health insurance. They have a network where physicians and medical facilities are available. You can get pre-hospitalization check-up by their network. Actually middle class family or any family should keep a health insurance to avoid financial breakdown.

Who Needs Health Insurance

Cost after Hospitalization

When you need the best treatment for you or any of your nearer, doctors will suggest you to go to the hospital which will serve you best. It is very obvious that the best hospitals will cost more that general hospitals. Because you know, due to skyrocketing convexity, quality healthcare or hospitalization has become very expensive. It might be burden one with huge debt. But health insurance companies can assure you to get the best treatment without the tension of heavy and sudden medical cost. In hospital, you may face the cost of room charges, surgery charges, medicine charges, diagnostic tests etc. Insurance company will bear all the cost in the hospital.

Who Needs Health Insurance

Cost of Post-hospitalization

After the treatment of major or any surgery, we need to go through a regular and timely check-up and doctors’ appointment, for incurred recovery, diagnostic tests, medicines connected to the hospitalization. Counting the total amount until recovery, you will find yourself facing large expenses. But not to be worry. Health insurance policy is always ready to show the way of solution. Insured customers will get that elasticity too.

Health insurance is a benefit which is provided through a government agency, private business, or non-profit organization all over the world. Before getting the benefits or elasticity of health insurance, you have to go through some process. You need to understand their plan. They will help you as per as your plan. With healthcare inflation at 20%, do not go for a small sum insured. A premium of around 25% of your monthly salary is surely affordable. You can claim health insurance policy in two ways. Your choice will vary by your paying capacity.

Who Needs Health Insurance

Who Needs Health Insurance: People with Financial Insecurity

I told you before that insurance companies have their own network where hospitals and doctors are available. If you are suggested or you need to go to the hospitals which are in the network of insurance company, you don’t have to pay the expenses in cash. You just have to show them the card which is given by the insurance company on their office billing desk. Your relatives also can get this facility. You just need to pay the orders which are not included in their insurance policy. This is a blessing for the people with cash insecurity.


In case, if you are to go to the hospital which is not in the network of your health insurance company, you have to pay the expenses of your own. Don’t think wrong! There is also a solution. After payment, you have to submit the papers to your insurance company which shows the list or details of your expenses. You can claim the amount and tell them for payout.

Who Needs Health Insurance

Well now what do you think who needs health insurance?

Health insurance policy offers long-term protection and contributes to a family’s physical, emotional and financial well-being and support.  A health insurance policy is a deal between an insurance company and a policy holder wish to safeguard against high and unexpected health care costs. Although policy-holders pay a monthly premium, co-payments, co-insurance, and deductibles, it is expected that the total is far less than that required if paid fully out-of-pocket. So, it is easy and safe to keep ourselves relax. Because there is no doubt or hesitation about “can I afford medical expenses or not?” People with cash insecurity can keep a health insurance easily now.

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